These assemblages were created out of 'keeper' beach combing treasures gathered in the process of creating Sea Full of Clouds, What Can I Do, and were first exhibited within that installation. Most incorporated fresh flowers in their design. They were all later distributed to beloved friends and associates or treasured places in that beach-hugging, coastal California town. The ones the SB Parks Department didn't scoop up still exist. This one is Circular Strength, 1987.

Shrine to the Whisker Goddess. 1987

Innana, 1987

Ocean Imitates Art, 1987

CaliforniaSantaFe Cactus, 1987

Funeral for a Friend, 1987

1666, 1987

Cabrillo Arts Ode, 1987

Shrine for Recovering Lutherans, 1987

She was Very, Very Good, 1987